Jafer Patterson

Jafer Patterson is a serial entrepreneur, founder, and consultant who has helped start, grow and sell multiple companies across a range of industries. He is currently co-founder of mobile commerce start-up, WeO Global, Inc. Prior to that he was EVP, CMO, CSO of greentech firm, Junk King Franchise Systems from 2011-2020. He is interested in the relationship between work and identity and in particular the possibility of human beings understanding their work in the world as a "pilgrimage of identity." Towards this end, he views incarnation as the conversation between the invisible and the visible. Jafer is grateful to have experienced poetry as a vehicle for personal transformation including the works of David Whyte, Mary Oliver, Rainer Maria Rilke, Rumi, and others. He has a contemplative practice background since 1992, including various kinds of meditative forms, group enquiry, Judeo-Christian, buddhist, and yogic teachings. Jafer holds a BA from Harvard University, graduating with the Class of 1988.